Your Personal Roadmap to the Raw Food Lifestyle

  • Photo Credit: Karen Johnson

    Have you tried the raw food diet before and gave up with frustration?

  • Do you suffer from discomfort and disease and are curious how raw food can help you heal?
  • Are you looking how to transition into the raw food lifestyle with ease?

In this book, Sarah shares her personal story of how she entered the raw food lifestyle after a diagnosis of cervical cancer.  Sarah believes that everyone is unique in their dietary needs and will introduce you to the concept of the Raw Food Spectrum to provide you with a map for success.

Sarah will help you discover how the raw food diet can work for you. 

Discover How You Can:

  • Understand the benefits of the raw food diet
  • Prepare for a lifelong journey of improved health through the raw food lifestyle
  • Gain reassurance that you can feel great on a raw food diet and not feel deprived
  • Feel confident moving into a diet and lifestyle change
  • Learn about the Raw Food Spectrum and how this sets you up for success
  • Get Sarah’s favourite Smoothie and Juice Recipes