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sarah blackwell - health and wellness coach

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When Sarah was busy living life as a homeschooling mother of three children, and caregiver to her teenage siblings, she didn’t have time to eat healthy, cook meals or take care of herself.  She was busy being busy, just like most people.  She realized that her lifelong habits of eating butter tarts and potato chips needed to change after a diagnosis of cervical cancer in 2011, and she couldn’t help but wonder how diet influences health and disease.  

Now, as a self-proclaimed Raw Food Enthusiast, and Raw Foods Health Coach, she is deeply passionate about teaching others how to stop living a life of sickness, by making the transition into the raw food lifestyle simple and easy.  One client describes her as “easy to talk to, she doesn’t judge or come down on you when you slip up, she just helps you get back on track”, while another declared her as “a personal reminder that I am worthy!” 

Sarah speaking wiky 2014

Sarah Speaking in 2014

Sarah’s workshops have been delivered in client’s homes, corporate settings and health conferences throughout Ontario, Canada.  Her written articles and recipes have been featured in the North Bay Nugget, the Anishinabek News and local health magazines like Alive + Fit.  When Sarah’s not in the kitchen creating new recipes, you can find her doing yoga poses and handstands in the great outdoors, and spending time with her children. 

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