AndreaJohnson photo1“This book is life changing.  Sarah is a coach that will change your life.  Her book is filled with information for anyone who wants to change their eating habits or just get inspired to drink one green smoothie daily. I really appreciated the tone of the book as non-judgmental and very positive. It is a true roadmap to healthy eating.  Besides all of the information and recipes, I loved that she coaches you to “aha” moments by asking you to answer thought provoking questions.  You can’t help but change the way you think about food and your own eating habits after reading Raw Rookie Roadmap.  This is a book I will be recommending all my clients read, and will stay on my bookshelf,” Andrea Johnson, Health Coach at Whole Plate

Tammy Slater photo1“This book is a true gem!  As a Herbalist, I know that digestion is the seed to your immune system, thus the key to vitality.  It is very refreshing being able to relate and engage in Sarah’s journey.  Her real life experience and beautiful soul came to life through her words.  This book is a must read for anyone, especially those who want to get started on a journey to a better, healthier version of themselves.   Kick start your journey with Sarah Blackwell on your side,” Tammy Slater, Clinical & Medical Herbalist 

Dan Brooks Photo1“I first met Sarah at a healthy eating lecture a few years back and was amazed at her enthusiasm and passion for changing the way people ate. I too was one of those people who was on the long path to recovering my health. Eating healthy can be a challenge when you have created a lifetime of eating unhealthy foods.  A daily green smoothie has raised my energy levels, given me MUCH better sleep, and really stepped up my autoimmune system. It amazed me how my body shed useless weight and fat and replaced it with muscle and stronger joints. I enjoyed reading Sarah’s personal story within the pages of Raw Rookie Roadmap, and look forward to trying some of her tasty smoothie recipes. Thank You Sarah!” Dan Brooks, Author; Fear, Phobias & Freedom

Connie Hergott photo1“Upon reading this book I was reminded of the challenge of choice and it is my choice to change, and my choice to engage in the process of change.  Becoming a raw foodie doesn’t mean I will never eat a warm meal again.  I can simply change my salad, have a green smoothie or a green juice from the recipes Sarah provides in her book.  Sarah gives the reader permission to grow and learn through areas of the raw food diet she calls the Raw Food Spectrum.  Thank you Sarah for such an educating and insightful book on how to make the changes in my diet safe and comfortable so I can have lasting change!” ~ Connie. H. – Raw Rookie  

“From the first time I met Sarah five years ago, I could sense the driving force within her that was meant to be shared with the world.  Sarah’s unique approach on raw eating is refreshing, as well as packed with information and enthusiasm. In “Raw Rookie Roadmap”, we learn that anyone who chooses to make a positive change in their health can follow her simple guidelines and see dramatic results. Sarah brings hope and encouragement to those of us who believe it is TOO hard to change to a healthy lifestyle,” Elaine L., Raw Rookie

“Sarah’s book is engaging and inspired me to continue on my path to healthy eating by experimenting more with green juices and green smoothies.  Sarah highlights practical ways to help through change; like wanting to revert back to bad habits – like bread addiction.  Thank you Sarah for being you.” ~ Joan, B. 

“Sarah, you have created a wonderful, inspiring book that will change people’s lives. After reading your story in the preface I was hooked!  It’s a journey to wellness and new discoveries.  Your book reminds me to find the balance in myself and others to heal and empower myself.  Thank you for such powerful insight,” Lise, M. ~ Early Childhood Educator

“Sarah’s book is awesome and I can’t wait to try the recipes!  Since reading this book I have been inspired to change my lifestyle. I know both my children and I can benefit from what Sarah discusses in her book.  I feel lucky to live near Sarah to work with her and invite her into my life to guide me in cleaning out my cupboards and cleaning up my diet. Thanks Sarah!” ~ Ann, M., R.M.T.

jeffriek“Raw Rookie Roadmap is a great starting point for anyone on their raw food journey.  Sarah’s personal story will inspire you to make changes in many areas of your life.  Sarah’s roadmap makes raw food, exciting, fun, easy and functional.  This book is the platform for you to launch you into a raw food, green juicin’, smoothie Jacuzzi of an adventure.  The guidance is for every-BODY and every lifestyle.  Learn and enjoy this book, it has the power to transform  your life,”  Jefferie Koncz, The Rawganic Mechanic 

“Raw Rookie Roadmap” by Sarah Blackwell is very well-organized, practical, encouraging and empowering.  Sarah encourages you not to worry about making mistakes and to have fun during this lifelong journey.  The introspective questions she poses are key to showing the importance of putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life and learning how to listen to your own intuition.  Sarah introduces the Raw Food Spectrum, and offers excellent nutrition information including the importance of consuming leafy greens daily,”  Holistic Nutritionist Rebecca Mullins RHN, NNCP